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Barricades and Crowd Control

Complete Production Resources offers a variety of crowd control and barrier options. These barriers are great for helping to keep the public safe and reduce the risk of misdirected traffic that can result in confusion or injury. Whether it is to keep the public out of dangerous areas or to manage mass lines of foot or vehicle traffic, our barricades can help provide a safe and secure environment at your event.

We can supply, but not limited to:

  • French-style (Bike Rack) Barricades
  • Concert-style Barricades
  • Stanchions

For all of your barricade needs, we can help. From ticket lines, crowd spacing, and space barriers to perimeter control, barricades help you keep your event traffic under control. No job is too big or too small.

One call, does it all. Call us today to discuss your needs and questions at 407.767.5776.

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