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Tips on Renting Instruments

Many musicians choose to rent their instruments for ease of travel, breadth of choices and just for convenience. Here are a few tips to look for to ensure that you are choosing the right company that rents backline equipment:

  • Be sure to rent from a company that has the types of instruments you are interested in. This seems like a no-brainer, but smaller companies will try to talk you into settling for a lower-end model than what you originally wanted.
  • Rent from a company that has a climate controlled environment they store the instruments in. Many musical instruments do not age well under extreme temperature and humidity variations.
  • Use a company that has certified equipment experts on staff to tune and repair the instruments.

Complete Production Resources maintains the largest and most complete backline inventory of current and vintage musical instruments from the Southeast to the Mid-Atlantic. We supply everything from drum kits, guitars and keyboards to orchestra upright basses, cellos, percussion instruments and DJ turntables, We have a special climate controlled environment that stores the instruments at the perfect atmosphere and have specialized technicians on staff that care for the instruments.

Call us today to discuss your instrument needs and questions at 1-877-277-2556.

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