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Planning Your Event

Planning an excellent event takes careful consideration. It may be for a minor event such as an ice-breaker welcoming new hires or an intricate company event within a five-star venue. Everything from preparing to execution must go smoothly. It is a great idea to get started on preparing properly ahead of time to avoid last-minute glitches. This involves sending out invites, looking after catering preparations and hiring the required audio equipment from a quality audio rental company such as Complete Production Resources.

What is the goal of the event? Is it new product marketing or a social event for personnel? Based on the nature of the event, the presentations, décor, and every other area of the event needs to be determined. If a location is to be booked, then a list of the many meeting halls or hotels should to be prepared to evaluate which best fits the event requirements. If you want media coverage, then decide on the print or broadcast media associates that you’d like to invite.

Contact a caterer for larger occasions or hire a temp agency to help out with staffing the drink responsibilities for in-house occasions. For audio equipment needed for the event, decide on a reputable company to lease the equipment from, such as Also allocate the emceeing to a suitable speaker. Prepare the address and presentations, which will be delivered at the event. For larger events, you should have at least one rehearsal, particularly if PowerPoint presentations and demonstrations are to be offered. It’s also crucial that the technical team checks that the audio equipment is working effectively in the venue.

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