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Choosing the Right Event Production Company

By Anmarie Bowden

Sometimes finding the right company for your sound rental, lighting rental, and stage rental needs seems like an overwhelming task. Even seasoned professionals can become apprehensive when it comes to the production elements at their events because things can become very technical very quickly. If you choose the right company, all your worries will be put to rest.

When choosing the right event production company you should keep the following in mind:

Production vs. A/V: A production company should have a variety of high quality equipment inventory and be more experienced in larger events and concerts, while an A/V company typically is going to have less equipment and be more experienced doing smaller events. Remember to ask for references.

Your Advocate: You should choose a company that's able to explain exactly what you're getting and should also be your advocate. They should work to get you the most for your budget and help you design the production elements in a way that fits the goals and themes of your event. A professional production company will be able to explain to you what each piece of equipment does. They should be more than willing to give you a quick tutorial on how the different pieces of equipment work together.

Being Budget Conscious: Keep in mind that the quality of equipment will vary greatly. Some speakers cost $500, others cost $9000; so obviously the price to rent one versus the other is going to vary. Most production companies should be able to design the production elements to your particular budget and level of quality you are looking for. Be sure to tell them what your goal for the event is and what's the most important element of your event. This will help them create the best possible production package for your event.

Complete Production Resources is founded by professional musicians, production technicians, and live event planners with over 20 years of industry experience. They know how to coordinate production plans with many different vendors to make your live events a reality. They are your advocates helping you to get quality rentals that fit your needs and are within your budget. They can explain exactly what you’re getting and what each piece of equipment does and how the pieces work together. They will help you design your event so that the production elements are thoughtfully incorporated. They work with you to create the best possible production package for your event and achieve your event goals.

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